GoogleMaps with Phoenix 1.5

While in mobile application we needed to install sdk for google maps, I found it somewhat similar in the web too. Easy part is that we can add it via cdn. And hard part is that we have to use Javascript. :) But It was not that hard though.

<div class="w-1/4 h-70">
<div id="googleMap" style="width:100%;height:400px;"></div></div>

I created div with id equal to googleMap

Then in script below just added this.

<script>    function myMap() {    var mapProp = {      center: new google.maps.LatLng(51.508742, -0.120850),      zoom: 5,    };    var map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("googleMap"), mapProp);}
<script src=""></script>

We need key for googlmaps to work otherwise we can pass empty to start in development mode

<script src=""></script>

And there was map rendered in the view. Cool :).

Now to find the current location I used a snippet from w3school and modify it as my needs. I added a button and added onClick event on it. When I got the lattitude and longitude, I use jQuery to populate these value in my input field.

here is my full code. And It worked for me

Depths of ocean could not swallow me.

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